Saturday, 15 December 2012

Otto Fishblanket's bestselling ebook update

Fishblanket again!

Well, after a little wobble I am going from strength to strength!
Hopefully this will give some inspiration to struggling poets and artists out there. (Well, struggling poets, anyway.)

I am (or rather Stinky Santa is) number 6 in the category thingummyjig > wotsit > and the rest > humourous on Amazon.co.uk.

And I am rapidly approaching a self-publishing milestone. Yes, I have sold 94 books so far this month!!!! Nearly 100!!!!!

That is £24.44 in cold hard cash!!!!

So help me out, I just need to sell another 6 books to reach 100! Then perhaps Amazon will send me a certificate or something.

Don't worry - I shall keep updating you on my bestseller progress right up to Christmas day!


I have decided, after much soul searching and many sleepless nights, that my next book will be about CHICKENS.



PS. And a big thank you to whomsoever bought my book.
PPS. And a big thank you to those who bought stuff from Amazon.com after clicking any of the Amazon links on this blog. (If you are thinking of buying anything whatsoever from Amazon, if you visit Amazon via the links on this blog and then purchase something within 24 hours, Gerald Hawksley gets a small percentage of the final price because he is an Amazon affiliate! At no cost to you! No obligation, of course.)

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