Thursday, 3 January 2013

Chickens or Penguins?

Happy New Year!
Otto Fishblanket here!

Gerald Hawksley is living on his nerves at the moment, and requests to be left in peace until he has finished the last of his Christmas chocolates.

Meanwhile, I am taking to being a bestselling famous author like nobody's business.
Stinky Santa got up to number seven hundred and something out of all Kindle books on!

How do I follow up such rip-roaring success, you might ask?
Well, I was thinking of writing a best-selling book about chickens, as I think I mentioned previously.
But then I got to thinking about penguins as well.

You can see my dilemma.

Write about both, you might say!

This has crossed my mind. But which would be the most best-selleringest? Which do I turn my recently discovered best-selling author's brain to first?

You can see this is not a job to be envied. This decision will take much staring out of the window at the cows in the field.

You will, of course, be the first to be informed when I have made my choice.

Au revoir,

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