Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Otto Fishblanket's Secret Wife, and a Curate's Egg

Fishblanket reporting back!

The Hobbit film was ok. Lots of ugly creatures and lots of noisy fighting.

My Stinky Santa free promotional giveaway day was a bit of a Curate's Egg .
I have gained more five star reviews (in the USA - eight 5 star reviews now!)  but I have  
(obviously, I suppose, as I have had a day with no sales) slid down the bestseller charts.

From a high of Number 5 before I started free day down to Number 17 (in children's fiction literature humourous, UK).

So hopes of buying Mrs Fishblanket a Christmas present are fading fast, and I have asked for the goldplating to be removed from my Rolls Royce (I can always get it goldplated again later, if my fortunes improve).

(I didn't know there was a Mrs Fishblanket - GH)

Not many people do.

(But she doesn't live with us in the castle - GH)

Aah! Doesn't she?

(You mean you have a secret wife stowed away in the castle? - GH)

Anyway. I digress. I need more people to buy my Stinky Santa book. Preferably before Christmas.

Au revoir,

Oh, PS. I had written my new book about chickens. But it wasn't good enough, so I have torn it up and started again. My muse visited me last night with a new chicken book idea, anyway. I usually wake up about 3 a.m. worrying about stuff, and that's, coincidentally, when my muse pops into my head.

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