Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My inspiring self-publishing success story by Otto Fishblnaket

What a day!
Stinky Santa is now Number 85 out of all children's ebooks on!

What will tomorrow bring?

For inspiration, I shall let you into some of the mindboggling numbers involved. It certainly beats working for a living!

As of this moment, since publication on December 1st, Stinky Santa has sold 46 copies on!

That means, as my royalty on each book sold is 26 pence, so far this month I have cleared £11.96!

My target for December 25th is to make £25, or £1 a day. So spread the word, and help me out, won't you?

What happens after December 25th, I don't know. Probably not much demand for a Christmas book. I shall have to write another book. Perhaps a Valentine's Day title?

I will update you on my progress.

If you are wondering what has happened to Gerald Hawksley, he is eating biscuits and sulking. Jealous of my success, I suppose.


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