Friday, 14 December 2012

Inspirational Christmas ebook self-publishing bestseller update

Hello, Fishblanket here, with latest update!

Well,  Stinky Santa is still Number 7 in humourous children's literature bestseller list on!

Have now sold 74 copies this month!!!

That means £19.24 in my pocket!!!

Am wondering whether to up my price from 77 pence to 99 pence. But perhaps that is being too greedy.

But looks like I am going to beat my target!!! I may upgrade my target to £2 a day!

Perhaps a bit ambitious. Maybe £1.50 a day. That would mean £37.50 by December 25th!!
It gives me goosebumps even thinking about it!!!

That would mean I could buy Mrs Fishblanket a Christmas present!!

Inspirational, indeed!

Here is  a picture from Stinky Santa!


Illustration of Santa Claus with his pets
Hello from Stinky Santa!

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