Thursday, 22 November 2012

Handing over the reins to Fishblanket

It seems has removed half of my kindle books from the categories they were put in and dumped them category-less in the cold wasteland of general kindle books. The rest of my kindle books have practically stopped selling now, any way.

I am putting Jake Bakes Cakes out for free tomorrow and Saturday. I've really no idea why, as my Happy Hat Day book was stripped of it's categories on the last day of it's free promotion, therefore rendering the promotion a complete waste of time.

So here is my plan of action:
I am going to halt progress on my new titles and hand over the reins to Otto Fishblanket, and see if he can do any better. He is quite keen, and says he has an idea for a Christmas ebook. Well, he'll have to get a move on, especially as he wants me to illustrate it, and I am very slow (even more so now as we can't afford to put the heating on).

Oh, and says he will price it at 99 cents, and perhaps if I reduced my prices to a sensible price like that I might actually sell some books.

I don't know how proper publishers make any money, I really don't.

Anyway, I am off to now.


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