Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Not another free ebook?

"Why are you giving away so many free ebooks?" asked Fishblanket one day.
We were on our way into the village to buy new underpants for Lord Treacle. He has them handmade by the local undies maker (who's also the baker and the undertaker).
He gets through so many because he insists on sliding down the bannisters to breakfast every morning.
"Well," I said, stopping to put the wheelbarrow down for a minute, and wiping my brow, "I suppose it is because I'm not selling many."
"Hmm," said Fishblanket, "You ought to get a proper job."
"I do need new shoes," I said.
"Cheeselamp is looking for an apprentice lard-pit scraper . . ."
"Tempting. But I think I'll stick with the ebooks. Things might look up soon."
"You're a fool," said Fishblanket, "A fool with holes in his shoes."

And so it is, as no-one is buying Happy Hat Day at the moment, I am giving it away for nothing.
It won't get me new shoes, but hopefully it will bring a smile to some small tot's face. And what is that compared to smart footwear?

Note: FREE offer now expired, but do check back. More books will be offered free every month.

Click here to have a peek at it on!

Or click here to see it on!

Illustration from Happy Hat Day a silly rhyming picture ebook
We need new hats, it's clear!

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