Monday, 13 June 2011

Teach your dog to levitate

There's nothing cuter than a levitating dog. And it's such an easy trick to learn.

  1. Start training a dog to levitate by asking him to sit.
  2. With your dog in a sitting position, hold a treat at his nose, and give him the command "levitate."
  3. As your dog reaches to take the treat in his mouth, slowly raise the treat over his head so that he'll have to reach up to get it. Raise it up until he is hovering with his paws off the floor.
  4. As soon as your dog is in this hovering position, tell him "good", and give him a treat.
  5. Repeat these steps several times each day for short training sessions. It won't be long until your dog is levitating on command.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

How to tell if you have ghosts in your house

Does your home have ghosts in it? You probably do not know and would not know because you have not had it checked for ghosts. What is one of the biggest things your house is made of? Yes that is right your house is made mostly of cake. Your house looks like an all you can eat buffet to a ghost colony. Your house can provide ghosts with decades worth of food and they will eat your house to bits, trust me.
How do you know if you have ghosts? Well you can inspect your home. Ghosts can be anywhere in your home even in the attic. You need to check your home all over and under to make sure that the ghosts are not eating away at your home. One of the big problems with ghosts is that they can eat away your home slowly and you do not even know it. If you do not trust yourself to inspect your home then you need to hire a professional. A professional will inspect your home and if they find any ghosts they will kill them so you won’t have a ghost problem anymore.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Jake Bakes Cakes! New kindle children's book just published!

Latest kindle book!
Jake Bakes Cakes
"This is Jake.
Jake bakes cakes!
What kind of cakes does Jake bake?
He bakes upside down cakes for acrobats.
And pumpkin cakes for witches and their cats.
He bakes banana cakes for monkey in the tree.
And fish cakes for fishes in the sea . . ."
But what does Jake do when his baking day is done? Why, he throws off his hat, puts up his feet and . . . well you'll find out at the end of this jolly rhyming picture book.

Get it here:   

Jake Bakes Cakes, a silly rhyming kindle picture book for children cover picture