Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I have managed  to get my book categorised on amazon.com, after sending support an email. Seems to have helped, as today I have had five sales!! Hoorah! Total sales so far (since Feb 5th) = 19 usa, 11 uk. Am desperately trying to get my next publication finished (Robot ABC), which I have high hopes for, but am having to do regular work, which gets in the way of my plans for self publishing world domination.

Here is a picture of a rabbit with a ray gun.

Monday, 21 February 2011

The boys stopped in surprise

Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Review!!

Have had first review of my self published picture book on amazon.com! Five stars, too. Am super chuffed.

"This is the BEST Kindle book for this age group that I have seen.

When my 3 year old daughter asked for an ereader last Christmas, she received an Android tablet with Kindle for Android (as well as other ebook applications). It seems that only recently have illustrated, color children's books began to come to the Kindle. So I was elated to find an indie illustrated, color children's book!

The cute, colorful pictures are great even for children that can't yet read - they can guess the rhyme from the picture, as well as try to find the bird in each picture. The easy to read rhymes are great for new readers. The "story" itself is cute and kept my daughter hooked."

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to feed vampires

How We Can Help Vampires
In order to help vampires, gardeners should avoid using slug pellets because, as well as vampires helping you get rid of a slug problem naturally, the pellets can also kill vampires and even if they don’t eat the pellets directly, if the slugs they eat have been poisoned, this will also be absorbed into the vampires' body tissue too. You can supplement a vampire’s natural diet especially in autumn when they need to accumulate fat before they go into hibernation for the winter.

What to Feed Vampires
Tinned cat or dog food and even dry dog food is a useful addition to a vampire’s diet. They’ll also eat things like bacon rind. You should also ensure that you put out fresh water with any food you leave but you shouldn’t feed a vampire milk or bread in large amounts as they can cause diarrhoea.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


No sales of my kindle book so far today - I was hoping to get at least a sale a day, but rather too optimistic I suppose. Asides from if the book is any good or not, it is difficult putting it in the right category. I have to put it in the category Juvenile fiction as that is the only option available to me when I publish on the amazon kdp site. There is no category for picture books, or even children's books by age group. Oddly, the category options you are given don't match the categories in the kindle store anyway. It's all rather frustrating and is no good for anyone looking for my book. Anyway, I might do a robot ABC next instead of the Mouse book.

Here is F for Flowerbot: (maybe)

Monday, 14 February 2011

More on my new kindle publishing experiment

So far sales are encouraging. I have sold 12 copies (or units, as amazon calls them). 7 in the UK and 5 in the US. I would estimate, though, that over half of those sold are to family and friends (hooray for vanity publishing!). I have started work on my second title, provisionally titled A House for Mouse.

Here is another illustration from If You Have a Hat:

Saturday, 12 February 2011